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Spiritual Enrichment — Clarification, interpretation or translation of any passage contained in our Treatise of Fundamentals or in the Bible. Questions will be answered, after analytical review by staff at the Schilling Bible Institute

Outreach Programs continuously being developed.

Members may request interment after cremation at our memorial facility at Grand Canyon, AZ.. A large sculptured head stone stands in the center with the inscription "I was here experiencing human existence for an insignificant amount of time. Planet Earth  A.D."

Our church organization consists of (1 Coordinator, (3) Trustees, (7) Ministers, (1) Curator, (?) Missionaries and (?) Members. Our church has a physical structure at the Grand Canyon and you have arrived at our cyber structure.

Your financial help will be used to maintain the church web site and fund the outreach programs. God will bless your participation.

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